Homelessness and Health Care

L.A. County has the largest homeless population in the nation, with over half living in the Skid Row area of downtown L.A. Homeless adults and families face multiple barriers in accessing needed health and mental health care. The complexities of providing the full range of services, such as housing, mental health, substance abuse, medical and social services, for the 35,000 chronically homeless individuals in the county are immense. This section collects local, state and federal documents to provide an understanding of the issues to move toward joint action to find solutions for this vulnerable population. In addition, the Institute for the Study of Homelessness and Poverty, acquired from the Weingart Center Association by United Way of Greater Los Angeles, has an excellent compilation of data resources on homelessness.

Publications and Documents

Nov 17 2005
Bruce Yokomizo, Dr. Marvin Southard, Dr. Thomas Garthwaite and David Saunders, L.A. County DPSS, L.A. County DMH, L.A. County DHS and L.A. County DPSS

County Services to Homeless Individuals on Skid Row

Oct 26 2005
Richard Fausset, Los Angeles Times

Mayor Vows Funds to Aid Homeless

Sep 15 2005
Dan Flaming, Economic Roundtable

Estimating the Scope of Services and Cost to End Homelessness

Nov 01 2004
Martha Burt, Corporation for Supportive Housing

The Do-It-Yourself Cost-Study Guide

Oct 15 2004
Michael Cousineau and Tatiana Day, USC Keck School of Medicine, Division of Community Health

An Assessment of Mental Health Needs Among the Homeless in Central Los Angeles

Jun 15 2003
Michael Cousineau, Kiki Nocella, Tracey Cross and Maria-Estella Jefferson, USC Keck School of Medicine, Division of Community Health

The Health & Mental Health Status and Access to Care for Homeless Adults & Children in Central L.A.

Jan 01 2003
Stephen Metraux, Steven Marcus and Dennis Culhane, Psychiatric Services

The NY-NY Housing Initiative and Use of Public Shelters by Persons With Severe Mental Illlness

Jan 01 2002
Dennis Culhane, Stephen Metraux and Trevor Hadley, Housing Policy Debate

Public Service Reductions of Homeless Persons with Severe Mental Illness in Supportive Housing

Jun 15 2001
State of Georgia Department of Human Resources

Medicaid Community Mental Health Center Program Manual (State of Georgia)

Jan 01 2001
Tony Proscio, Corporation for Supportive Housing

Supportive Housing and Its Impact on the Public Health Crisis of Homelessness

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