About LA Health Action - Areas of Focus

LA Health Action works through four primary focus areas:

  • Strengthening Los Angeles County's Primary Care System: Smart investments in prevention and disease management not only improve community health but can help control the rising health costs that are draining the budgets of businesses and families.  LA Health Action is working with key local stakeholders to develop a stronger county primary care system that will help us invest in the health of future generations through more prevention and coordinated care.
  • Advocating Against Harmful State Budget Cuts:  Public health coverage programs not only provide quality affordable care to more than two million residents across L.A. County, but also offer peace of mind to countless families at risk of losing private health coverage.  Instead of inflicting short-sighted cuts on these programs, we need to make better investments in our local health system.  LA Health Action will work in coalition with local partners and elected officials to develop strategies to prevent health care budget cuts that will harm low-income working families.
  • Improving the Availability of Quality Affordable Health Care in South Los Angeles:  Every working family deserves access to quality affordable health care, but for too many families in South L.A. that option doesn't exist.  Judging by almost any health indicator, the South L.A. area is one of the most disadvantaged in the entire nation – we can certainly do better for this community. LA Health Action is committed to pursuing policies that invest in local health care providers impacted by the MLK Hospital closure, ensuring that public officials prioritize improving care in this community, and supporting efforts to find a viable alternative operator for MLK Hospital.
  • Expanding Health Coverage for Children:  Every child deserves to know that when they are sick they can access quality affordable health care.  LA Health Action is committed to supporting efforts to provide comprehensive coverage to children through incremental health care reform that include strengthening local school-based health centers.  LA Health Action is proud to serve on the eight-person Steering Committee of the Children's Health Initiative of Greater Los Angeles (Healthy Kids), a comprehensive insurance package for low-income children that includes low-cost health, dental and vision coverage.