About LA Health Collaborative

The LA Health Collaborative is a partnership of nearly 70 private and public organizations dedicated to preserving and improving Los Angeles County’s health care safety net. Through its committees and partnerships, the Collaborative develops concrete strategies to address the challenges of providing quality health care to the region by working on:

  • Improving Community Health. We are working with local partnerships to develop geographically focused projects to combat adult obesity, diabetes and heart disease in Long Beach and the northern San Fernando Valley.
  • Engaging the Region on Health Care. We convene regular forums on critical, developing issues such as the King/Drew Medical Center crisis, hospital financing reform and L.A. County Department of Health Services alternative governance models. We invite local experts and policymakers to discuss their views, activities and plans.
  • Building Networks for Action. We develop policy action plans on specific issues identified by the Collaborative. For example, the Waiver Expiration Strategy Committee advocates on behalf of L.A. County safety net providers and patients to ensure they receive their fair share of desperately needed federal and state dollars.
  • Creating Regional Technology Solutions. Our Data Committee determined that policymakers, planners and advocates would benefit from a county-level web-based health data resource, as well as a listserv allowing members to exchange time sensitive information about essential, emerging issues. In addition, the Collaborative actively supports Health-e-LA, a planning and coordinating body dedicated to improving the electronic exchange of patient-controlled health records in L.A. County and creating a “superhighway” for health care information.