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Sep 30 2014
John Snow, Inc., In collaboration with the California Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems, and the California Health Care Safety Net Institute, Blue Shield of California Foundation

Opportunities for Whole-Person Care in California

Aug 15 2014
The California HealthCare Foundation

Free the Data: Unlocking the Potential of Health Data in California

Feb 24 2014
Rafael A. Gomez, MPP and Bobbie Wunsch, MBA of Pacific Health Consulting Group in collaboration with Leonard Finocchio, Dr. P.H., Blue Shield of California Foundation

Ready, Set, Enroll -Update

Jan 07 2014
Langer Research Associates, Blue Shield of California

Health Care in California: Leveling the Playing Field

Oct 28 2013
Ben Tulchin and Corey O’Neil, Tulchin Research , Blue Shield of California Foundation

Statewide Poll on Californians’ Attitudes Towards Domestic Violence

Sep 23 2013
Insure The Uninsured Project

Providing Health Care to the Remaining Uninsured in a Post-Reform World

Jun 30 2013
Blue Shield of California Foundation

Intersections: Domestic Violence and Allied Organizations Partnering for Health

Oct 15 2014
Nigel Lo, MA, Dylan H. Roby, PhD, Jessica Padilla, MPP, Xiao Chen, PhD , Erin Salce, MPH, Nadereh Pourat, PhD, Gerald F. Kominski, PhD, UCLA Center for Health Policy Research

Increased Service Use Following Medicaid Expansion Is Mostly Temporary: Evidence from CA LIHP

Oct 06 2014
CSH, The Source for Housing Solutions


Sep 30 2014
Kate Meyers, Kathleen Kerr of Kerr Healthcare Analytics, and J. Brian Cassel of the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine , California HealthCare Foundation

Up Close: A Field Guide to Community-Based Palliative Care in California