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Apr 08 2016
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

California Substance Use & Mental Illness Estimates

Feb 29 2016
Insure The Uninsured Project

Opportunities for California Under Section 1332 of the Affordable Care Act

Jan 31 2016
California Health Workforce Alliance-Jeff Oxendine, UC Berkeley School of Public Health & Kevin Barnett, Public Health Institute, California Primary Care Association

HORIZON 2030: Meeting California’s Primary Care Workforce Needs

Oct 31 2015
Deborah Reidy Kelch, The California Health Care Foundation

Locally Sourced: The Crucial Role of Counties in the Health of Californians

Jun 18 2015
Insure The Uninsured Project

Care, Coverage and Financing for Southern California’s Remaining Uninsured

Mar 05 2015
Langer Research Associates, Blue Shield of California Foundation

Exploring Low-Income Californians' Needs and Preferences for Behavioral Health Care

Feb 13 2015
Langer Research Associates, Blue Shield of California Foundation

Delivering on a Promise: Advances and Opportunities in Health Care for Low-income Californians

May 19 2016
SACHI A. HAMAI Chief Executive Officer, Los Angeles County Chief Executive Office

Sacramento Update from the Los Angeles County Chief Executive Office (May 2016)

May 16 2016
California State Department of Health Care Services

DHCS Issues Final Application for the Whole Person Care Pilot Program

May 13 2016
Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.

California's Governor Brown 2016 May Revise Summary